Sweet Encounter 400/1H 450/1H
Sweet Escape 550/90min 600/90min
Nice & Naughty 700/2H 750/2H
Sweet Delight 900/3H 950/3H
Dinner & Dessert 1100/4H
Slumber Party 2000/12H
Bed and Breakfast 2800/15H
Weekend Get Away 3500/24H
Social Dates $200/1H

This is my part-time passion as I have a career plus a business. I will try to accommodate same day or week meetings, however due to demand and limited availability pre-booking highly suggested.

Overnight dates require 7H of uninterrupted sleep, food, and social time.

All dates 4H or longer require some social time, and or food.

Fly Me To You-Minimum of 5 hours date + airfare cost. Screening and 50% deposit required

Donations can vary depending on location, longer meetings, special requests, meet and greets, or events- please, inquire.

Gifts are never expected, but always so sweet and thoughtful. Donations can be made to organizations dear to my heart just ask. Otherwise my wish list includes simple things such as your favourite book, candles, music playlist, plants, food, and  or wine. Or gift certificates to places such as Sephora, Lululemon, body blitz spa, agent provocateur, honey birdette, change lingerie, the bay, and amazon are all things I enjoy.

Rachel XO